has been in  business since early 2000.  We provide the best, the most and the
largest variety of genuine, authentic, beachcombed Alaskan glass fishing floats.  

Here's some samples of Alaska beachcombed glass fishing floats that we currently have on hand.  We also
wholesale larger quantities of Alaska Glass Floats.  I personally had the thrill of beachcombing all these
glass floats in Alaska.

    Contact us directly for these floats and any other floats you are seeking.

Paul  Umlauf

PHONE: 907 262-7460 Alaska Time
Here is a set of seven vintage oriental glass fishing floats approximately 3.25 inches in diameter
that has a lot of variety and differences for floats this size.  There are examples of molded and
free blown floats.  The set will have different colors including a blue float.  There will also be a
frosted float, a float with the net markings wind etched into the glass and a float with it's original net.
These floats all had similar nets on them as this was how they were attached to the high seas
commercial fishing nets.  I think you get the picture. :) This is a nice set with a variety of colors and
textures.   The price is $64.00 + Shipping costs.
Here is a set of three rolling pin floats that range in size from
5 inches to just over 6 inches in length.
Hokkaido style of rolling pins
These are  vintage, authentic working floats that were used by
Asian fisherman and are over thirty-five years old.
The price is $90.00 including priority mail shipping and
handling for a set of three.
Below is a group nine different colored oriental glass floats that are approximately 3.25 inches
in diameter.  These floats are over 40 years old.  I personally had the thrill of beachcombing
all these glass floats in Alaska.   You can see the floats in these sets range in color from very
light blue, blue, teal blue, olive, olive green to emerald green.
Each set will include a semi-rare amber float. I find less of these than any other colored float.
Rumor has it that the amber and brown floats were made out of recycled beer bottles.
  •        There are different styles in these groups, free blown and molded.
  •        These floats have a lot of variety to them in style, textures and color.
  •        All of these floats had nets around them after they were made. That's how they          
    were originally attached to the fishing nets that actually caught the fish.
The price for the set of nine is $78.00 + shipping.
We have a limited supply of wooden cedar corks. These
were used on gill nets prior to the 1950s some are worn
and some are like new.  They are $9.00 each plus shipping.

The styrofoam corks come in many different colors and
are 7 to 8 inches in length.The styrofoam corks, which
replaced the glass floats in the early 1970s are $1.00
each plus shipping.
Large floats start @ $200 plus shipping and
insurance depending on color and rarity.
Below are floats of various and different styles... large and small rolling pins, a standard size
float, grapefruit size float and a couple of tiny floats.  If you are looking for specific glass floats
write or call us and we can fill your order.  We can make up sets for whatever you desire.  

  • Large rolling pin @   $34.00 each postpaid
  • Medium rolling pin @  $30.00 each postpaid
  • Small rolling pin  @  $28.00 each postpaid
  • Standard size float @ (3.25 inches in diameter) starting @ $9.00
                          depending on color + Shipping
  • Netted float @ $10.00 each + Shipping
  • Five inch diameter floats @ $45.00 each + Shipping
  • Grapefruit size float  @ $20.00 each + Shipping
  • Tiny floats ( 2.5 inches in diameter) @ $12.00 each + Shipping
  • Very tiny floats (approx. 2" diameter) @ $16.00 each + Shipping
Additional Options
BeachComberBum Does the BeachCombing for YOU !    
Beachcombing Glass Floats Video
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Spring 2008 Slideshow
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                                         We also have available:  
  • Wholesale baseball sized floats in quantities of 25 or more
    for $7.00 each + priority mail shipping.    We ship a good mix
    of textures and colors of floats we beachcomb.
  • Beachcombed fishing netting is also available. Ask about  
    sizes and prices.  
                                           THANKS !  
Paul  Umlauf
907 262-7460 Alaska Time
Swirl float prices START @ $30/each + Shipping, depending on how "swirly" the float is.  
Swirls happen when different colored glass is introduced into the furnace and the glass
doesn't get mixed really good...
Starting @ $30.00 EACH for a swirl float + actual shipping charges.