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We sell authentic antique Oriental glass fishing floats. These gems of
the sea are becoming more and more rare, so take advantage of the
chance to purchase a few at  great prices!

          BeachComberBum has for sale:

Oriental glass floats made from the early 1900's until the late'60's.   

There's also:
  • "spindle" floats, barnacle floats, lumpy and odd shaped floats,
    floats containing small to large amounts of water ....
  • floats made in Germany........
  • and lots of surprises from this summer's beachcombing !
  • There's Pre-1950's cedar net corks
  • Also .... Japanese glass bottles
  • Beachcombed fishing net  
  • AND.....Various other beachcombed treasures

 We use recycled packaging and shipping materials.  

BeachComberBum, Paul Umlauf,  
has lived in Alaska for over 50
years.  He is a retired
commercial fisherman and a long
time Super Cub pilot.  Spring,
Summer and Fall bring both
beachcomberbum and Ms. Gertie
searching the far Alaskan
beaches to find all the glass
floats they can.

Basset hound, Ms.Gertie is a
wonderful beachcoming

BeachCombing searches of
distant Alaskan beaches produce
the authentic, aged and unique
glass floats we sell.
Glass Floats

BeachComberBum   Paul Umlauf
907. 262. 7460 (Alaska Time)
41607 Dolly Varden Way
Soldotna, AK  99669-9071
BeachComberBum Does the BeachCombing for YOU !             
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